A Chance to Learn About Parenting

Parenting can be a challenging, yet rewarding, adventure. Every parent has questions and wonders, “How am I going to take care of my baby?” We’re here to provide answers to your questions and the resources to help you. The classes are free so take advantage of all we have to offer!

Since babies never come with instruction manuals, we provide Earn While You Learn (EWYL) classes. EWYL is an educational program that teaches you the basic fundamentals of parenting. It’s designed to help you become the best parent you can possibly be.

Earn Rewards

By attending these classes, you get the opportunity to earn items you need to care for the physical needs of your baby. You can earn diapers, baby wipes, clothing, infant car seats, and even toys just for attending our classes and participating in the instruction.

Through the program, we will talk with you about the risks of (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome) SIDS and other facets of infant safety. By attending these classes, you will be eligible to receive a new crib.

What You Will Learn

You will learn everything from pregnancy, childbirth, child development to parenting skills in our Earn While You Learn classes. Each class is a one-hour session. Our caring instructors will guide and coach you through each session.

Earn While You Learn

For over 20 years, the EWYL parenting / mentoring program has been providing material needs for new and expectant moms and dads. We want to help you understand the changes in your body at every stage of your pregnancy, birth, and beyond. Begin learning and earning now. Even during the Covid-19 crisis, we are making it possible for clients to view these classes in the comfort and safety of your own homes so you can continue earning items!

Contact us to get signed up for classes!

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