Changed Lives

Me and my soon to be wife embarked on our journey of pregnancy two years ago.  It was looking to be a rough ride.  My fiancé Tracy* and I were very scared of what was to come because we were not planning for this to happen at that time.  Things were heading in a direction I wasn't looking forward to.  Things like abortion and a lot of very emotional discussions.  However, I said to myself, "this is her body and her life as well and I must respect her."  I know all of the sayings as I was growing up about being responsible and plan life and wait for marriage.  I completely agree with these sayings.  However, some lessons must be learned.

We started looking for a clinic to do what I couldn't even bare the thought of.  Even Tracy* herself was in question with it.  So I prayed and prayed, and I got her to pray and listen and told her we shouldn't jump into anything.  We couldn't find a clinic closer than five hours away, which was crazy!  Then we came across one in Atlanta that said they did abortions.  We left early that morning to arrive at this place and waited to enter.  After Tracy* was called back, she returned to the lobby a few minutes later and said "they don't do it here - it's a sign not to do it."  I said to myself "thank you Jesus!"

So we decided to find somewhere to do the pregnancy test - even though she had already performed like seven of them!  We searched and came across Coweta Pregnancy Services.  I'm thinking this is good!  It's close and it was free.  And they told us we could get a free ultrasound if the test was positive.  So we called and made an appointment.  We were very nervous when we arrived but were greeted with warm and welcome arms.  This was nice after the stress from the other places.  We did the pregnancy test and got the ultrasound the next week to see if we could see anything.  Sure enough there was a small little bean looking thing on the screen.  We were like "is that it?"  And the sonographer said with a smile "yes, that's your little baby!"  We both smiled and had one of those really special moments in life.  I must say it felt amazing knowing that I had such a wonderful thing to live for.  My own family.

All this excitement and happiness faded later that day because we weren't ready for a child, but God was working his plan out.  We spoke to the CPS staff and saw that they offered counseling sessions as well.  So we decided this would be good before making a final decision.  After the counseling ended, we left to return home for the evening.  After a long day of on and off silence from Tracy*, she said to me, "I'm going to keep him", I was speechless and I said "wait, him?"  She replies, "yes, I know it's a boy!"  I said "well fantastic - I'm so glad and you are making the right choice."  Whatever was discussed in the counseling earlier that day and with prayers flying from every direction, God and the ladies from this wonderful Coweta Pregnancy Services touched Tracy's* heart.

I am thankful and grateful to these wonderful woman and anyone else who puts in their time and dedication to giving couples and individuals another angle besides just the one they see and are told by others.

We THREE would like to say thank you and we are so happy to have met what feels like another part of our family.  I can honestly say without this fine group of people and their kind hearts and finding Coweta Pregnancy Services when we did, this could have been a very different outcome.  I feel truly blessed and I come to tears with the mass thankfulness I have in my heart.


Todd*, Tracy* and baby Liam*




*Names have been changed.