Changed Lives

My boyfriend still thought I should have the abortion - we were too young to have a baby, he said.  We can't afford to raise a baby, he said.  And then there was my Mom - how could I tell her?  She wants me to finish college and have a career!  I can't disappoint her.

I agreed to think about my choices and come back for an ultrasound.  I remember seeing the little peanut on the screen and the nurse showed me the heart beating.  I said "I didn't know the heart would be beating yet?"  She said yes!  The heart starts beating about 21 days after conception.  I had no idea!  I saw my baby on the screen, yet I still was undecided on what to do.  They offered me another ultrasound and I agreed.  I came back in two weeks and saw my baby again.  It had grown and was now moving around and the heartbeat was getting stronger.  This was the hardest decision I ever had to make in my life.

I finally, through the help of the counselors, nurses, mentors and staff as well as my boyfriend and family, decided to carry and parent my baby.  I told my Mom and she had known the entire time!  She was supportive of my decision.

I started taking the Earn While You Learn classes which helped so much with my questions about pregnancy, giving birth and taking care of this little one.  I also got diapers, wipes, clothes, even a new car seat and crib.

I gave birth to my beautiful baby boy a few months ago and the staff even came to visit me in the hospital.  I am about to graduate from college and begin my career and life with my little family.

I don't know what I would have done without Coweta Pregnancy Services.  I am so grateful for all they did for us.

Kelsee, Travis and baby Logan


*Names have been changed.